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Zack and Lauren McLarnon are a Texan couple through and through. Though they didn’t grow up together – Zack is a native Dallasite and Lauren was born and raised in Abilene – they found each other as soon as they could. They met after their respective time at TCU and SMU and immediately connected over their deep Texas roots – bonding over their shared love for easy weekends on the ranch, a comfortable pair of boots, and a great margarita, or as Zack would call it “Man-Rita”. Zack proposed, they got married, and the two “settled down”. Soon they found themselves expecting their first child – a sweet little girl named Molly. 

This is a time in a young family’s life when most people would consider the “settling down” portion to go into full swing. But Zack, never one to be comfortable with too much free time, decided to invest in a leather company out of Brazil – without telling his wife. He had a vision of selling cowhide rugs to décor minded Dallasites. He thought he’d sell a few hides as a bit of a “hobby” and maybe Lauren would never even find out. But Lauren did eventually find out because as the demand for the cowhides grew, it was a secret Zack could no longer contain. Lauren and Molly found themselves enthusiastically part of “Team Cowhide”, providing ideas and brainstorming ways to update the classic cowhide rug – and interest in the flooring only continued to grow. 

Soon, Zack was busy working with local designers and clients to choose the right flooring for their spaces, and he realized another love and talent – customizing furniture. As Zack began to refinish and design furniture, even incorporating the hides from time to time, word of his pieces spread and demand grew.It was around this time, now expecting their second child, Lauren began meeting with handbag manufacturers, with an idea to create a cowhide clutch. After seeing the demand for an updated, personalized and unique take on an arguably enduring design piece - the cowhide rug - Lauren felt inspired to translate that notion to something all women love – a fabulous bag! So from the color, to the texture, to the tassel – that is exactly what they designed. Once the first few options were ready to launch, just a few weeks before they were about to welcome their son, Parker, Lauren and Zack took a risk and officially found themselves in the business of selling purses. Much like the cowhides, where their “hobby” began, the purses were a hit. Between the flooring, furniture, and fashion – Zack and Lauren realized they could no longer call this a hobby- it was a business- and it needed a name. So in honor of their newest family addition, their hobby-turned- business is lovingly named Parker & Hyde. 

If you’d asked Zack and Lauren way back when what “settling down” would look like, it probably would not have included running a design business while beginning life with their two little ones. But, ask them now, and they’ll tell you, that while they’re still two Texas kids at heart, and they’re less likely to be spending weekends on the ranch, they’re happy to spend their days figuring out the right legs for their newest piece of furniture, or picking out the newest swatches of brightly hued cowhide, with Molly and Parker at their side - and that’s exactly what “settled down” means for the McLarnon family now.